Rapid City implements online payment system for parking tickets

RAPID CITY, SD — Among the parking system changes for Rapid City this summer is an online payment system for payment of old and new parking tickets.

Vehicle owners can now go to rapidcity.citationportal.com and look up their citations by the citation number, license plate number or the VIN number.  Owners can then pay the citations online.

Per City ordinance, parking enforcement can place a boot on vehicles with three outstanding parking tickets or $125 in fines. Currently, there are 12,000 unpaid parking tickets and about 700 vehicles on the boot list.

Paying fines online will also avoid citations being sent to collections for non-payment.  Parking tickets are sent to collections after 30 days.

For more information or questions about the downtown parking changes, visit www.ipsgroupinc.com/rapidcity .

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