Rapid City gears up to plant over 25,000 flowers this season

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With warming temperatures, residents can look forward to some colorful changes around town.

City greenhouse specialist John Berglund and his crew have been busy. They are in the process of planting thousands of flower plugs that will be raised, and later planted at various parks and locations around town. The plugs are a mix of shipments from as far as Kentucky, to roughly 10,000 local hand raised seedlings. In total, nearly 27,000 plugs will be raised to flowering status.

“This year we’ve got around, I‘ll have a full crew of around 20 people that we will be out planting in the gardens,” said Berglund. “We have to measure things, and line things out, and get the designs right. And so it’s a process that will take about 3 to 4 weeks to finish planting.”

Berglund is glad for the help as COVID took his crew down to five people, and meant less plants for the year. Fortunately, unlike other businesses struggling to hire and keep employees, there has been no issue hiring seasonal workers for the task. Now Berglund just hopes there won’t be any frost after memorial day so he can make the most of the greenery this season.

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