Rapid City Fire Department welcomes three vehicles into service

RAPID CITY, SD — The RCFD welcomed three vehicles into service Tuesday at Fire Station 3.

The vehicles each replacing existing vehicles to make the department more efficient and put less of a strain on larger, more expensive equipment.

First, a Type 6 Wildland engine is replacing a 1995 truck and expands the departments abilities to transport gear.

“It was a single cab this is a four-seater now and the other one didn’t have transport capabilities or gear boxes and this one does,” said RCFD Captain Calen Maningas, “So it allows our guys more equipment so they can better do their job and have better transport abilities.”

Second, Rescue 3 replaces a 1999 truck and gives the department a new, quicker way to get on scene of different types of calls.

“Another difference we have this with new vehicle is it carries 150 gallons of water in a high pressure system,” continued Maningas, “So it adds another service we can provide along with rescue. We do have water capabilities where the original Rescue did not.”

Third, a dual-purpose utility vehicle is replacing two separate vehicles and is a re-purposed truck itself, saving the department money.

The vehicle serves the Rapid City and Pennington County Water Rescue Team and is a Rapid Extraction Module which is a rescue team for wilderness firefighters.

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