Rapid City Fire Department welcome new ambulance to current fleet

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City firefighters received a new addition to their vehicle fleet. A small ceremony and blessing was held on Monday at Station 4 as they took possession of a new ambulance.

Fire Station SymbolThe new vehicle will be added to the fleet, but not replacing any current vehicles.

The new vehicle is seen as a boost not only to the firefighters, but the community they serve as well.

“As the city continues to grow, it’s important for us to grow as well. And that’s including new personnel and new equipment. So it’s a big factor not just for us, but for the community,” RCFD Captain Jeff Bauer explained.

Other vehicles that may have high mileage will be placed into backup status, where they will still remain in use.

“Upper management actually has a breakdown of lifespans of different apparatuses that they rotate in and out,” Captain Jeff Bauer said. “And I’m assuming that our unit was scheduled to be replaced. Our old medic unit that is leaving here will be our backup unit, and our backup unit will be going into another task.”

According to the fire department, the new ambulance was ready for dispatch as early as Monday afternoon.

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