Rapid City Fire Department trains on new cardiac monitors

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Rapid City Fire Department is holding week-long training for it’s new cardiac monitors, an addition expected to improve emergency services.

C014000 01 14 42still021While cardiac monitors are not new to the fire department, this model is. The RCFD has made a switch from an outdated Phillips cardiac monitor, to a new company called Zoll. One of the main improvements is it’s ability to track real-time heart conditions.

“It gives us the ability to see the picture, so to speak, that we took of the heart,” said EMS section chief, Robert Rendon. “And then it also shows us a real time comparative at the same time. So, as we’re treating the patient, we can see some of the changes, whether it be for the better or sometimes those changes are for the worst just depending on the patient. We’re able to see that real time.”

The training will be held through Friday, so each shift has an opportunity to learn the new equipment. The training will then be expanded to other departments. The plan is to have the new cardiac monitor in full use by Monday, June 7th.

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