Rapid City Fire Department gets a new table at Station 1

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Firefighters at Rapid City’s station one now have a new place to break bread together.

After years of using a dinning table that’s been at the station as long as anyone can remember — the captain of station one’s c-shift felt it was time for an upgrade. Through T-shirt sales and funds from their Firefighter’s Association, Captain Andy Lipp began constructing a table that gives every member on shift a place to sit.

Lt. Mark Radershadt, RCFD Station 1, said “We have about eleven firefighters that work here on any given weekday and our old table we couldn’t seat everybody at the table. So we were having to put extension tables on the ends and things, so, we decided to build it big enough that we can get everybody around the table now. So, it just makes everybody feel like a, More of a cohesive group.”

About 27 days worth of work went into the table, complete with a logo identifying station 1 as the night train.

The department hopes the table will serve as a symbol of pride for many years to come.

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