Rapid City Fire Department conducts rescue training exercises

RAPID CITY, S.D. – If you saw smoke coming from a neighborhood near downtown Rapid City Thursday morning, it was probably the rescue drills that the Rapid City Fire Department was conducting.

Firefighters were undergoing a combination of drills and training inside a house on West Street. The house had been abandoned for decades and is set to be demolished on Monday, so the owners generously donated it to the Rapid City Fire Department so that they could practice rescue intervention training.

Crews arrived on the scene and were given a scenario where another firefighter was trapped inside the house. Other than heat, the conditions that these firefighters are training in are as realistic as possible. RCFD Public Information Officer Jim Bussell says any opportunity to come out and train is a good opportunity. “We do a lot of high-risk, low-frequency incidents, so it’s important for us to keep sharp on those skills.”

Firefighter and medic Johnny Knutson says every house is different, so this is a great chance for them to feel what a real fire would be like. “All and all, it went pretty smoothly. And if a fire like this came up, I think we would be ready to get that firefighter out of there.”

Every crew in the Rapid City Fire Department will undergo this training for the next few days. So if you see smoke coming from West Street, the RCFD asks that you do not call 911.

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