Rapid City family inspired to bring Black Hills Con to the area

Black Hills Con is coming to Rapid City for the 3rd year. It’s a convention for pop culture, anime and sci fi for fans of all ages.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Caroline Argiz showcases the many costumes she’s created for her family, attending numerous conventions over the years.

Black Hills Con Preview

Caroline says. “So I attended my first convention in 2000, and I was absolutely blown away by it. It was the first time I had seen such big groups of people who would usually be considered outcasts, actually bonding together and creating their own community and I thought it was beautiful to see that kind of community being built so I wanted that to exist here in the Black Hills as well.”

The Argiz’s house is wall to wall with collectibles, art work and unique products.

Black Hills Con Preview

The couple’s love story started at a convention so it seems fitting to include their children now too.

Caroline adds, “I actually met my husband at a gaming convention in Denver in 2000, we had some mutual friends and so we met that way. Together we have been attending three or four conventions every year since, 2020 excluded, and we still attend several conventions a year. It’s just always been fun for us, it’s been our hobby – we do our family vacations that way.”

Black Hills Con Preview

Black Hills Con serves as a opportunity for fans to connect and enjoy each others company.

“For one thing, it’s just fun, you get to play all these games, meet all these people and just have fun and geek out, it’s a really great environment where you can explore all these wonderful stories and see the fandoms that go along with them,” adds Caroline.

Black Hills Con Preview

“We bring our kids to conventions for as long they have been alive, we’ve been putting costumes on them their whole lives. They like becoming these characters that they have seen in shows and they just fell in love with. So far I have over 6o different costumes that I have made, most of them are for me and my children. I’ve had some that I make for friends, I made quite a few for my husband as well,” says Caroline.

Argiz Family Photo

Also featured at the convention will be game room, tabletop and VR stations and video games. There will be gaming tournaments, COS play chess, talent show, karaoke, animi voice actors, costume contest, vendors and more.

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