Rapid City DAV helps veterans file VA claims

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Disabled American Veterans, or DAV provide a wealth of knowledge and support to veterans across the country, in Rapid City, they also assist veterans with claims.

Military veterans serve with no thought for self, but are oftentimes entitled to health, disability and financial benefits upon completion of service. Saturday morning, the Rapid City Chapter 3 DAV group met to help veterans file claims to Veterans Affairs.

While veterans can complete the paperwork on their own, this gives them a second set of eyes when completing their forms, and ensures they are completing all steps to receive their much deserved benefits.

“In my opinion, it’s nice to have someone local who can come in, meet,” said H.G. Kroschell, the Chapter 3 Treasurer and Service Officer. “Even though we’re all volunteers, we have been trained to help fill out the forms, and it gives you a contact person, as opposed to a voice on the phone, or somebody on the computer. Not that the job won’t be done, but I think there’s always something to be said about the personal touch.”

Along with aiding in claims filing, the DAV also helps connect veterans with meaningful employment, and the local Rapid City chapter hosts several events during the year to provide aid to elderly veterans. Members of the local DAV meet the first Saturday of every month to help veterans file claims, and are open Monday through Friday, for any other needs veterans may have.

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