Rapid City Council votes medical marijuana ordinances and COVID bonuses

RAPID CITY, S.D. —  The Rapid City Council approved the two major parts of its medical marijuana ordinance on Monday night.

Both had been approved by the legal and finance committee last week. The first part dealt with the number of dispensaries that will be allowed in the city — one for every 5,000 residents, which comes to a total of 15.

That was approved overwhelmingly by a vote of eight-to-one.

“This way the free market reigns as best as it possibly can and try to keep some limited control so there isn’t one on every corner,” said Ron Weifenbach of Ward 1.

The second item approved dealt with dispensary zoning. They’ll be allowed to open in locations that are more than 1,000 feet from public or private schools, and 500 feet from churches, public parks and playgrounds, childcare centers, and property that is zoned residential.

The council also approved a $500 bonus for non-public safety employees who have been with the city since the start of the pandemic. That vote was six-to-four.

A motion to give them a $1,000 failed, six-to-four.

And another motion to give them $500, and $1,000 to bus drivers was also defeated six-to-four.

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