Rapid City Council, school board candidates hold drive-thru ‘meet and greet’

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Lakota candidates from north Rapid City held a drive-thru meet and greet Saturday afternoon at Lakota homes.

Running for Ward Four school board and city council are Amy Sazue and Walt Swan, and from Ward Five for the school board, Clay Colombe.

Along with getting the word out about their prospective campaigns, the group also had voter registration forms on hand to ensure everyone’s voice could be heard.

“Ward 4 traditionally has been a native ward, you know a lot of natives live out here, so that’s what our effort is today is to try to get the native candidates out, us out in front of the native community to get the to register, to actually get them to vote,” said Swan.

Among concerns are the school bond issue in the wake of coronavirus and improving schools, as well as properly representing the native american population in the area.

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