Rapid City Council passes some big agenda items

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City Parks and Recreation is holding its annual harvest of local deer who are overpopulating the area.

Every year they do a survey to determine the number of deer to be taken during the harvest — this years number is 250 deer.

“It’s good for a number of reasons, one it reduces the herd which helps with the deer vehicle accidents. Also with property damage that people find from excessive deer browsing in their yards and it also provides meat for those that truly could use the assistance,” said Jeff Biegler, Director of Parks and Recreation in Rapid City.

That item passed unanimously — this harvest will be very beneficial to the people of the Black Hills.

The other big agenda item the council discussed was the instillation of a promenade or public walkway that would go from the Preforming Arts Center all the way to the Civic Center.

“The Civic Center — that facility that we are putting a lot of money in to. We want to continue to increase that connection to downtown from both sides into downtown. We have some concepts we would like to flesh out further to improve that entire corridor as it goes through the park southward to the high school.” said Ken Young, Rapid City Planning Director.

The vote on the promenade or public walkway passed with seven votes, with only two opposing. This instillation will contribute to finishing the concept for the city.


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