Rapid City Council go into executive session for council member’s dispute; council meeting discusses long list of items

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City Council held their weekly meeting among a large group of people, anticipating comments on Aldermember Lisa Modrick’s dispute with Regional Airport Board President Darren Haar.

Rapid city residents waited anxiously for action and the council’s response to Lisa Modrick’s conduct after Airport Board president Darren Haar filed complaints against her. Communications and actions between the two parties has formed mixed feelings from those with knowledge of the incident.

“This is an uncomfortable time for all of us, certainly uncomfortable for Mrs. Modrick but the council has a duty and an obligation to take this matter into their own jurisdiction and come out with some resolution.” said Mayor Steve Allender.

Before going into executive session — toward the end of the meeting — other items were set forth for consideration. First, a presentation from Rapid City Public Library employee, Sean Mikel.

“The importance of a Makerspace is to give people access to technology and tools they might not otherwise have access to.” said Mikel.

Black Hills Federal Credit Union was also in attendance, looking to expand their property, and in-kind exchange with the city.

“You know they’re not making anymore new land out there so when we can get that it gives us future growth potential for that station.” said Chief Rod Seals, Rapid City Fire Department.

Other business included the second reading for approval of rezoning area around East Anamosa into a commercial versus residential district.

The council, in executive session, announced that Modrick will face a disciplinary hearing on march 10th, due to controversial conduct with the president of the Airport Board.

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