Rapid City Council approves ‘land swap’ resolution, tables urban hen ordinance

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Rapid City Council tonight approving a land swap resolution, but not the resolution we expected to be approved.

Changes were made to the plan before the vote, but the only people who know what’s in it are the council members and city leaders.

The resolution to resolve 3 outstanding deeds related to the Rapid City Indian boarding school lands has passed by a vote of 9 to 1.

The plan now is for the mayor to establish a task force to develop a plan for a community center to be constructed on one of the parcels of land.

“The language I was hearing tonight was ‘culture center’ which is not quiet correct. We want to have a community center for the community and not just exclusive or exclude any particular groups,” said Ritchie Nordstrom, Ward 2 Alderman.

One of the changes to the resolution was the verbiage of the resolution referring to the deal as a land exchange and not a swap.

As for the 20-million dollars listed in the original resolution, Nordstrom says that number will have to be worked out with the planning group as well as coming up with a plan on how to achieve it.

“The deadline we put on them is June 30th of 2021, which means to me a couple of different things. It doesn’t mean its getting dragged out for ever and ever, the second part is that it gives the city a chance to kind of develop if there is a financial plan that needs to be done,” said Nordstrom.

Also tonight, the Council deciding to table the first reading of the urban hen ordinance, which would authorize the keeping of hens on certain residential properties.

The ordinance had already been continued from the meeting on October 5.

Darla Drew, who is leading the charge on this issue, says she is, “Throwing up the white flag.”

There was no further discussion on if or when the ordinance will be brought back.

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