Rapid City Council approves first reading to extend emergency ordinance, discuss budget cuts due to COVID-19

RAPID CITY, — Couple a pandemic and shutdowns with a loss of revenue and you’ve got the makings of a big budget cut.

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender recommending Monday night that the Rapid City budget be cut by more than $6.5 million. Mayor Allender proposed sweeping budget cuts for several departments that are funded through the general fund.

The proposal calls for a reduction of $815,000 dollars for the Rapid City Police Department and nearly $300,000 for the Rapid City Fire Department. The Public Works Department would take the biggest hit with a reduction in their budget of $1.5 million followed by Parks and Recreation with $1.4 million.

In total, the reductions would save Rapid City $6.3 million, meaning the difference of nearly $300,000 would come out of the reserve funds.

“Hopefully by the time we’re approving the 2021 budget this fall, we’ll have more relevant data to evaluate so we know exactly how much,” Mayor Allender said. “But today, we’re expecting about a $3 million shortfall next year.”

The council has also approved the first reading tonight of the city’s emergency ordinance, extending the date by which the city can implement certain measures deemed necessary to slow the spread of the virus.

If the city council approves the second reading on June 1, it would extend the date of the ordinance until July 31.


Proposed budget reductions for each department:

Public Works   $1,528,000

Parks and Recreation   $1,413,307

Police Department   $815,000

Library      $324,171

Community Development   $317, 384

Fire Department     $282,740

Finance    $98,024


City Offices:

Human Resources   $70,509

Information Technology    $42,500

City Attorney           $6,000

Mayor’s Office         $13,604



Reduction – Subsidies

Dahl          $23,503

Journey Museum    $36,590

Senior Center (Minneluzahan, Canyon Lake)    $2,700 each

Search and Rescue         $3,300

Lifeways                   $9,000

Arts Contingency Fund    $11,289

Performing Arts             $5,367

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