Rapid City commuters find public transit more affordable than pump

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With the cost of fuel rising over the past week, some commuters are finding public transportation to be a more affordable option.

3 8 Take The Bus Sotvo00 00 14 12still001The Rapid Transit System saw an increase in ridership last year, and with cost of fuel on the rise residents are finding Rapid Ride to be more affordable option. With routes running on 35-minute frequencies, it’s also a convenient way to get around town. But with Rapid Transit’s fleet almost entirely fueled by diesel, is there any chance the system’s ticket to ride will go up?

“We’re hoping that it doesn’t necessarily affect us to the long term of that sort of actually raising our actual fares for our buses,” said Rapid Transit System Manager, Megan Gould. “It will obviously have a hit on our budget.”

Rapid Ride is also still offering its Youth Ride Free program and on Fridays, seniors over 60 years old also ride free.

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