Rapid City community gives thoughts on two marijuana ballot issues

What are your thoughts on Amendment A and IM 26?

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Two of the more uncertain ballot issues in South Dakota are medical and recreational marijuana.

Amendment A would legalize marijuana for recreational use and IM 26 would establish a medical marijuana program for qualifying patients.

A media poll was conducted East River with more than 600 likely voters questioned about the items on the ballot. 51 percent are in favor of legal recreational use and 74 percent are in favor of medical marijuana.

NewsCenter1 was able to speak to some citizens in downtown Rapid City to get the community’s thoughts on these two cannabis questions.

“I think that recreational (marijuana) can be used for many different things along with just relaxing, it’s like beer.”

“A lot of people need it, you know, a lot of people are in pain and they should have done it a long time ago, you know?”

“It would lessen the drug abuse out here.”

“On the medical side it can help with seizures, you know people who have chronic diseases and it can definitely help them a lot throughout their daily life and I think that’s very crucial for a lot of people.”

“I believe they should legalize it.”

There is definitely opposition though, law enforcement and groups such as “No way on Amendment A”, say they believe legalization will lead to an increase in kids using pot, as well as an increase  of people driving while under the influence of marijuana.

Election day is next Tuesday, November 3, early voting ends on Monday, November 2.

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