Rapid City Common Council votes on deer hunting and runoff elections

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Members of the Rapid City Common Council voted on two noteworthy issues Monday night.

The council decided unanimously to eliminate runoffs in city elections, citing the fact that results from general elections have rarely been changed, and that it is not worth the money required to conduct a runoff election.

Another topic voted on was allowing archery hunting of deer within city limits. The ordnance follows a similar type of hunting allowed in Sioux Falls, which has shown positive results for public safety in the last few years.

The council decided to approve the hunting on a five to three vote. Seven permits will be granted by Game, Fish and Parks in the coming months, one every two weeks from September 29 through the end of the year.

“We are offering a recreational activity we want to allow folks to come into the city and harvest some animals and that opportunity to get outdoors,” said John Kanta, regional supervisor with Game, Fish and Parks. “Now our hope is and we believe some of these deer taken with the archery hunt will equal less deer taken in the city removal which will equal cost savings to the city”

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