Rapid City Common Council pushes back raising user fees

RAPID CITY S.D. – The Rapid City Common Council has decided unanimously to push back a vote regarding increasing user fees.

The resolution raises the price of certain fees, permits and applications in town. If approved, garbage collection, ambulance rides, and even cemetery fees will increase.

Some permits take city staff a while to fill out. By raising fees, the city hopes to account for time, resources, and effort in filling out the paperwork.

“What we’re trying to do is reimburse the city’s level of effort into those application reviews for many years without being reimbursed,” said Ken Young, the Rapid City community development director.

City CouncilLast year, a cross-section of Rapid City took a budget priority survey and overwhelmingly said that planning and building services should not be covered by raising taxes.

The fee increase also calls for a $2,500 application fee for tax increment financing districts.

Young claims the city is trying to work more efficiently.

“The question to ask is, why are we not charging the fee for a certain application when we are for another one, which has the same level of notification fee and process?” Young said.

The matter will be revisited in December.

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