Rapid City Common Council hears proposals from mayoral committee on boarding school lands

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Rapid City Common Council heard proposals from the mayor’s committee on boarding school lands regarding outstanding deeds on parcels of land Monday, November 15.

City CouncilThe three areas in question have been appraised for a total of $20 million.

The first proposal asks for $18 million to build a community center in the Sioux San area, with the remaining $2 million coming from land, possibly in the LaCroix Links and College Park areas.

The second proposal asks for an agreed-on amount along with city land totaling $20 million.

“It would be up to the city council of how much city cash they would have to propose to that if they chose option B and how much of that land,” Volunteer for the Rapid City Indian School Lands Project Valeria Big Eagle explained. “Just so it’s enough to equal that 20 million dollars that those three outstanding parcels are appraised for”

However, calls for a community center have been happening for some time, which is the main goal for funds received from the city.

“If we get land and cash to do so, that’s what we plan on doing, is building and constructing this community center, of course with the community’s input,” Big Eagle said.

The parcels appraised for $20 million are currently home to the Canyon Lake Senior Center, Clarkson Mountain View Health Care, and Monument West Hospital.

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