Rapid City Chamber of Commerce optimistic about growth at annual meeting

The Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated the business community and recent growth at its 132nd annual meeting on Thursday.

It was an upbeat atmosphere during the meeting, which highlighted recent growth. Growth is happening , and consumer spending is up. The South Dakota Dashboard, an online data aggregate, says personal income has grown nearly five percent from last year. That puts the state 20th in the nation.

Elevate Rapid City, a 5-year plan to create 4,800 high-paying jobs is also powering along with this growth. So far, Elevate has shattered its fundraising goal of $4.25 million with over $7 million.

“We have a number of very generous members of this community who believe in Rapid City and are investing dollars into so many of thee efforts,” said Reptile Gardens Public Relations Director John Brockelsby.

The Chamber of Commerce also applauded new urban development projects from Hani Shaifi’s company, Dream Design International, which hopes to bring hundreds of jobs to town with Buffalo Crossing and the Northgate Shopping Center.

“A lot of companies are interested in our good environment and good quality of life,” said Shafai. “The city, state, and taxpayers have made a great investment in the community, and it is beginning to pay off.”

That new construction has some community leaders leery however. Linda Rabe, the president of the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce, has her eye on tariffs and how those could affect the construction industry.

“If the tariffs come down, that hits steel, and that hits aluminum, and that can effect our construction industry,” said Rabe. “We’re hoping to be advocates for that, to make sure our construction does stay strong.”

During the banquet Brockelsby received the prestigious George Award, and Shafai received the Granite Award. Josh Farley received the Young Professional of the Year Award.

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