Rapid City Chamber of Commerce incorporates with Elevate Rapid City

RAPID CITY S.D. – Monday evening marked a major change for businesses in the Rapid City area.

The Rapid City Chamber of Commerce voted to become a division of Elevate Rapid City. The new B-21 Bomber program is slated to bring thousands of people to the area. Though many of them will work at Ellsworth Air Force base, community business leaders are putting their heads together to come up with a plan to create jobs for the thousands slated to come along with them.

Business leaders say consolidating resources under Elevate is critical for the business success. On Tuesday, Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender applauded the vote, saying its a big step for development.

“This is all positive,” Allender said. “It’s about sustainability in the long term. It’s about aligning our best resources in this city, so it cant be anything but positive.”

The Chamber of Commerce will keep its name and logo while under Elevate. That organization is now tasked with creating by-laws for the new organization.

“The Chamber of Commerce is a proud membership organization. We represent nearly 1,200 area businesses with over 34,000 employees. It was important to have our members engage in the process and let their voices be heard,” said Linda Rabe, President of the Chamber of Commerce. “We will continue to be a strong voice for small business in the Rapid City community.”

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