Rapid City Central hosts memorial in parking lot for friend, teacher Heather Warren

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Central High School Teacher – fellow Cobbler – Heather Warren passed away suddenly, last Friday, from a pulmonary embolism.

The 48 year-old woman was a Special Education teacher, Reading teacher and what friends called, “a passionate advocate for students.”

During social distancing, schools are closed – also being Good Friday – but that didn’t stop loved ones of Warren from putting on a memorial service at the high school’s parking lot.

Family, colleagues and students pulled up in their vehicles, maintained distance and took part in a half hour service honoring the teacher of more than a decade.

“It’s strange circumstances but we kind of laugh because she was not a big hugger usually,” said Warren’s sister, Angela Vogel. “So now we can’t hug each other and so that kind of was fitting and then also lilies were her favorite and the fact that she is being celebrated Easter weekend is just a little bit extra special.”

Warren’s co-workers felt the alum – who was known for “never leaving Central” – deserved a service and a way for everyone to come together, while a part.

“We feel it’s so important for the students and the staff to have an opportunity to remember her and to grieve together,” said Angela Vogel.

During the memorial, letters and notes were read in memory of Heather Warren. Many letters nodded to her passion for students and fighting for their social justice. Heather loved travel, books and Central High School.

“My mom, my sister and I are all alumni of Rapid City Central, and we all say, ‘once a cobbler always a cobbler,” Vogel said.

The service ended with the Cobbler Fight Song, honks and cheers and a few tears.

Warren will be laid to rest in a private service at a later date.

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