Rapid City businesses begin feeling the financial toll of COVID-19

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The pandemic has started taking a financial toll on many families and businesses.

Local businesses owners say they’re concerned about what the future holds. Kathy Smith is the owner of Smith’s Liquor and is a co-owner of Independent Ale House and Pita Pit in downtown Rapid City.

“I’m more worried about my employees as we’re dropping hours, we’re having to drop employees as well.” said Smith.

At this time the liquor store is running business as usual and isn’t seeing a drop in sale, but she says her downtown business have seen a dramatic decrease in visitors. Forcing them to change the way they do business for the time being.

“We are offering curbside at Pita Pit, independent ale house is limiting seating so that people are not, you know sitting on top of each other.” said Smith.

Local restaurants aren’t seeing a lot of traction, some of them are contemplating closing their doors which may jeopardize the future of the business. With that, demand for staff has decreased, meaning employees are receiving fewer hours and for some no hours.

“It’s very frightening from a business owner standpoint, we’re lucky in that we have our hands in several businesses so from our personal standpoint, financially we will probably weather the storm but our employees are definitely going to suffer.” said Smith.

Local businesses say they understand that the public needs to distance themselves, but they do encourage locals to find alternative ways to support local business.

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