Rapid City Area Schools to display motto “In God We Trust”

RAPID CITY, SD — On the first day of school next month, Rapid City students will be greeted by the national motto, “In God We Trust”, in accordance with a new state requirement to have the slogan posted in public schools.

Staff has spent the summer putting up the motto in each of the district’s 23 schools. The law says it has to be in a common area where the students are most likely to see it.

It can take the form of a plaque, artwork, or another form. RCAS says the motto has to be at least a square foot in size.

“As soon as we heard from Gov Noem’s office that this was going to be a requirement, we’ve been working with our buildings and ground crews so they pretty much have it done and it will be up before the start of school,” said RCAS Public Information Manager Katy Urban.

The new law has stirred controversy in town.

Earlier this year Stevens High School students came up with an alternative design to be more inclusive, but since then Urban says there haven’t been any new developments.

“There’s certainly been some discussion from members of our community about the controversy to a certain extent,” continued Urban, “But it’s the law, we have to follow it, that’s why its up across the district.”

The first day of school is August 28th.

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