Rapid City Area Schools entering the digital age with new recruitment methods for bus driver positions

School Buses Parked And Waiting For A DriverRAPID CITY, S.D.– As certain bus routes continue to be temporarily cancelled almost two months into the school year and bus driver shortages continue to be seen across the state and across the nation, the Rapid City school district is looking to social media to help search for candidates to fill the position.

Early Wednesday morning, a video was posted to the district’s page highlighting a regular day of two of their current drivers. The video received multiple interactions and shares by followers, with some interested in applying for available positions or assist the district where they can. The full video can be viewed here, and has a number for anyone interested to call.

According to Coy Sasse, Director of Business and Support Services for the Rapid City Area Schools district, positions have been hard to fill due to drivers leaving for reasons such as retirement. His goal with these videos is to move away from older methods of advertising and create a more accessible approach as a means of removing barriers that people might believe disqualifies them and being more proactive in responses to questions posed.

We are trying to engage people in a different way and hopefully a more effective way and reach an audience more effectively than we have been with some of the more traditional advertising and promotion around jobs and opportunities,” Sasses explained. “And be able to have that ongoing dialog with folks and answer their questions in a in a really timely way so that they understand whether or not it is a fit for them.”

Furthermore, Sasse says the video approach is not just a one-time thing. he and the district have plans to create a series of the videos for other positions needing more staff, such as in janitorial and student nutrition services.

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