Rapid City air quality has been affected by fires across the country

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Due to the massive fires out west we can expect hazy and smokey skies here in the Black Hills.

The smoke is staying in the upper atmosphere, so it’s not quite as irritating to the eyes and lungs as it could be. Also, there’s no smell of smoke.

Still, the air is not as safe as usual which is why the National Weather Service in Rapid City is asking us to limit time outdoors.

“The air quality is unhealthy right now due to the fires on the West Coast,” said Katie Pojorlie a meteorologist for the National Weather Service. “So what we would recommend is that you limit your time outdoors, and if you are outdoors make your activities less strenuous such as walking instead of running so that you are not breathing as hard.”

The smoke may go away this weekend when a low pressure system comes through. Hopefully bringing in some much needed rain, but after that the smoke could return and look like it does today.

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