Ranching meets dinosaur hunting in Wyoming

NEWCASTLE, W.Y. — 65-million years ago there was a mass extinction of 3/4 of plant and animal life. It left behind fossils of some amazing creatures we’ve come to know as dinosaurs. People have been digging up the bones and sharing this rich history with the world.

Mike and Jake Harris are father and son ranchers who became dinosaur hunters. Mike Harris got into the business one day after a friend told him he had the perfect land for dinosaur hunting.

“We went out on a ridge, found a couple of chunks looked like a couple pieces of petrified wood.” Said Mike Harris, dinosaur hunter. “He got all excited and said no, that’s a triceratops horn, that’s a piece of a horn. So he clinked them around and he put them together and I’ll be danged if it wasn’t a triceratops horn.”

He kept digging and eventually unearthed one of the worlds most complete T-Rex fossils.

“It was kind of a life changer you know? It would be different if you are going out and hunting on other peoples property, but when you start finding stuff and somebody tells you that’s a piece of a 65 million year old dinosaur like, whoa, you gotta be kidding me. When it’s on your own place it really gets exciting.”

Mike’s son Jake helps with both the ranching and dinosaur hunting. Jake spent 8 years as a teacher before returning to the ranch and digging up dinosaur bones. But Jake hasn’t stopped teaching, nowadays he just teaches people about a different subject, fossils.

“This is 100% no prep just how they come out of the ground a little bit of glue. This is keel like the roof of a house, but then you get some that are flat like potato pancakes and they really don’t have a keel.”

Both Mike and Jake Harris are featured on Discovery’s new show, ‘Dino Hunters’. They give you and in depth look at what a day in the life is like for a rancher dino hunter.

To watch the show follow the link here.



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