Ranchers prepare to protect their cattle this spring

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With the weather outlook looking similar to last spring, and spring being calving season, ranchers are already preparing for the storm ahead.

Last spring, many ranchers had to provide warm shelter and find additional ways to feed their cattle.

Some lost cattle due to the weather.

“Obviously they have hypothermia that will set in and baby calves rather quickly, and if you’re calving in this type of weather if it gets cold they need to be in a heated barn or at least protected if it gets too cold and a heated barn is ideal,” said Michael Blume, rancher.

Ranchers say they’ll do whatever’s necessary to protect their cattle.

Some have hot boxes, provide extra feed, or bring calves inside their homes to ensure their safety.

“For the survival of the calves, because that’s your bottom line, is having the calves to sell. You need to keep as many of them alive as you can,” said Blume.

Calving is done in the late winter or spring to prevent young bulls from being sent into seed stock sales, or selling young animals for breeding,

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