Rally wrap: Buffalo Chip had a successful year with many new faces

Owner Rod Woodruff says the friends made at the Rally is what brings people back down the road.

STURGIS, S.D. — With nightly concerts and locations like the Field of Flags, the Buffalo Chip felt this year’s Rally went well for them.

Buffalo Chip2Tens of thousands of people were seen and many were new faces to the campsite.

“People were the happiest they ever have been. You know, people we had, certainly more first timers here this year than ever before,” Rod Woodruff, owner of the Buffalo Chip, said. “The thing they continue to say was, ‘The people here are all so nice. Everybody’s so polite.'”

He also says they had record audiences, crowds and guests early on with people showing up two weeks before.

To add to the success, they didn’t hear a single complaint this year.

Despite the promotions for the shows, concerts and dances, by the end of the week many people don’t focus on them.

“It’s not about the events. People think that all the time. We have several dozens of events that happen out here and they (people) spend most of their time just meeting and greeting other people that are here,” Woodruff said. “A lot of friends from Canada, for example, they hadn’t been able to come for a couple of years. We had some real fun Canadian stuff and people are here for the other people more than they are anything else.”

The atmosphere and environment draw people in and keep them coming years later. It also brings in people from across the nation and even from other countries.

“It’s the friendships, the acquaintances that they make while here that are the memories they take home with them and that’s what’s in the pictures they take is the other people that they’ve met,” Woodruff said.

Some people might’ve left halfway through the Rally while others are just starting to pack up and hit the road. Woodruff says that groups will come, where one person arrives and preps the campground for the rest of the groups arrival for the week.

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