Rally goers flying into Rapid City Regional ready to rev as their bikes await their arrival

RAPID CITY, S.D. — From jet engine to bike engine. A record number of 16 trucks are lined up at Rapid City Regional Airport, with a collection of bikes from across the country to be reunited with their owners as they arrive.

For Tracy McEnroe and her husband, it’s always been a bucket list item for them to come to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This year, they’re checking that box as they fly in from Cape Cod, Massachusetts with their bike already waiting for them.

“It would take us a week to get out here and a week to get home,” said McEnroe. “We want the whole time here to ride.”

Robert Cullen has been trucking in bikes to Rapid City for 28 years. He says when he first came out, the airport was a trailer with six-seater passenger planes flying in. Back then, his operation was just a pickup truck and a small trailer with less than a dozen bikes.

Now, he’s up to two trailers, one loaded with 30 bikes and the other with 28 from around the east coast.

“I always say, it takes a month because by the time you get ready and settled, bikes unloaded and reloaded, and be done, it’s a lot,” said Cullen.

McEnroe just dropped their bike off with Cullen and about a month later, it’s waiting for them. She says it would have cost twice as much to drive the bike out here as opposed to packing it up and flying. Their goal is to avoid the spike in gas prices, something the truck drivers can’t avoid.

“We charge about $1,050,” said Cullen. “We had to raise the price $100 because of fuel and tolls.”

You’ll see the trucks parked at the airport until the bikes come back, the kickstands are down, and they throttle up, in something a little bit different.

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