Quilting business connects crafters with their creative outlets

During the past year, many people forced to stay home turned to some type of crafting to stay busy. It's been a steady time for the Quilt Connection and they hope to keep the ball rolling.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — In downtown Rapid City, you’ll find the Quilt Connection, founded in the mid-90s and owned by Anne Meisner for the last nine years. It has walls lined with fabric choices galore and every pattern, texture, and color you can think of.

Quilt Connection, Ect.

Quilt Connection

Quilt Connection, Ect.

The art of quilting is a skill that can be enjoyed over a lifetime and isn’t just for one type of demographic.

Anne Meisner, Owner of Quilt Connection, says, “Everyone in their minds think that it’s older women, however it has changed a lot; there are tremendous quilt-makers out there and designers and we are seeing a lot of younger gals getting into quilting now – their kids want unique things.”

Quilt Connection, Ect.

What started out as a craft strictly by hand, now has new tools and sewing machines to help make the process faster.

As the saying goes, measure twice and cut once. A quilt takes countless hours to make and lots of patience along the way, as well as an artistic license – as Anne puts it – mistakes are a part of the learning process.

The beauty of crafting is that the items are one-of-a-kind and the popularity of making unique pieces like memory gifts is growing.

Quilt Connection, Ect.

Anne says, “There is a great, lot of ideas out there to do with that, flannel shirts, plaid shirts, blue jeans – anything you can put anything into a quilt to make it a memory.”

Mask-making boosted the industry during the pandemic and many turned to crafting at home, which meant more business as people restocked their supply.

Quilt Connection, Ect.

And quilters are not just making blankets – quilters have also made wall hangings, pillows, rugs, jackets, tote bags and the list goes on.

“It has been a very good year for us – all things considered – and going forward, we are hoping it’s going to stay that way, ” adds Anne.

Crafting is not only connecting fabric together but people as well.


Anne says, “We have a wonderful community of quilters in the Black Hills area and they all are excited – they share their information, they share their knowledge and that is what a craft should be.”

Quilt Event

The final product is the pay off for all the hard work.

Anne adds, “We have customers that come in and bring us…this is what you helped me pick out and we are so tickled when they do because we see the fabrics going out the door, it’s so nice to see the show and tell of the finished product when they come back.”

The Quilt Connection plans on hosting classes soon, for beginners and beyond, including kids classes.

The store also sells and services sewing machines.

Click here for their website. Their phone number is (605) 355-0178.

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