Q&A: Meet Olivia Kieffer, one of the state’s top girls basketball players

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Olivia Kieffer has had an outstanding athletic career at Rapid City Christian.

Not only has she reached several milestones in her high school career, but she’s established herself as one of the top girls basketball players in the state.

So far this season, Olivia is averaging 24.2 points, 8.4 rebounds and 4.2 steals per game.

Overall, Olivia has a total of 1,945 points in her high school career.


You started playing basketball at a very young age. If fact, you’ve been playing on the varsity level since eighth grade. Why do you love basketball so much?

“I love the team aspect of it,” said Olivia Kieffer. “It’s just so fun to get to come here everyday with my teammates and just get better. It’s such like a team sport. You can’t have like just one player. It’s all together. Everyone needs to be doing their job for a team to function well. I think that’s a super awesome part of it and it’s really fun.”


What is it like to have your mom as your volleyball coach and your dad as your basketball coach?

“I really like it,” said Olivia Kieffer. “I’ve really enjoyed it. Our relationships are still great. Obviously sometimes it’s just a lot of emotions with sports. But my parents are always If I don’t want to talk about stuff, we never have to. Like at home and everything. We can just be normal at home if I need that or whatever at the moment.”

“I wouldn’t have traded this experience for the world and I hope she feels the same way and I think she does,” said Olivia’s dad and basketball coach Joe Kieffer. “We know when this season’s over, its over.”


Olivia plans to play women’s basketball next year at the University of South Dakota. How does it feel to be the first ever athlete from Rapid City Christian to sign with a Division I school?

“Obviously, none of it happens without hard work,” Olivia Kieffer added. “I think obviously all the time it’s paid off. This is what my goal was and I achieved it. By no means am I there. It’s a process of getting better and better everyday.”


With this being your senior season, what are your goals for the Rapid City Christian girls basketball team this year?

“We want to make state,” said Olivia. “This whole season obviously leading up to that just being intentional because all these game and practices matter for the end of the season. So that’s definitely our big overarching goal. And then I just want to be a great teammate and leader and just love my teammates well.”

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