Q&A: Meet Jaylen Nachtigall, a multi-sport athlete from Hot Springs

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. – Jaylen Nachtigall has participated in volleyball, gymnastics and track throughout her athletic career at Hot Springs High School.

Being a multi-sport athlete has not only helped her physically, but also as an individual, as well.


When did you get involved in sports?

“Started gymnastics when I was super young because obviously my mom is the coach and it’s been around in my family for a long time,” said Jaylen Nachtigall. “Started track and volleyball in middle school and kind of just went up from there.”



You participate in volleyball, gymnastics and track and field. So why is volleyball your favorite sport?

“It’s kind of a different aspect than my other two sports,” said Nachtigall. “Gymnastics and track are more individualized and I kind of like the team aspect of volleyball.”



Jaylen has placed in the top six at the state track and led the Bison volleyball teams in kills last season.

Plus, she’s placed in the top 10 at the state gymnastics meet.

So why is Jaylen so devoted to sports?

“We’re a big goal setting family, as well as, when I coach we do a lot of that on the team,” said Hot Springs gymnastics coach Dana Nachtigall. “So she’s just always trying to better herself a little bit more. That’s what we’ve always kind of encouraged her to do is to never settle and to find where it is that she loves and what she loves to do. Just stick with that as long as she’s able to.”



Jaylen credits her coach and mother for much of her success.

“She’s been my coach ever since I was little,” said Nachtigall. “In all my sports, she’s super passionate about everything. It’s kind of come back to me and it’s really made me motivated. I’m always pushed by her and it’s something special.” 

“I think I’ve learned way more from her than she’s probably learned from me in the process of it,” added Dana Nachtigall.



How have you balanced sports and school work to become one of the highest ranking students in your class”

“There’s definitely been some late nights here and there,” said Nachtigall. “But honestly its not that difficult. It’s been a pretty easy balance.”





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