Public Works hosts informational event at Main Street Square

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City Public Works hosted an informational event at Main Street Square on Thursday to talk to residents about what they do.

In observance of National Public Works Week the city department put up displays, and hosted informational booths to share information and answer questions.

They also showed off a number of Public Works vehicles, including a street sweeper, sanding truck, and a mini-excavator to give residents an up-close look at the tools they use.

According to Water Reclamation Superintendent David Vancleave, “Properly operating waste water and storm water systems help your city to grow, they keep the city safe to keep the people away from the pollutants and the bacteria — those type of things that are present in the waste — and so we couldn’t exist as a city without having those systems.”

Public works also shared information on solid waste and how the landfill operates, as well as recycling.

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