Public Warning Messages will alert the public to emergencies or disasters near their location

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City-Pennington County Emergency Management uses warning messages to alert us to emergencies or natural disasters as quickly as possible.

There are a number of different ways emergency management alerts the public when there is a disaster including banner alerts across TV’s, messages on the radio, sirens, and Public Warning Messages. This service is free and will send a message to your preferred method of communication.

Alexa White, Deputy Director for Pennington County Emergency Management said “you can say how do I want to get my messages? Do I want a text, do i want an actual phone call? You can have an email, fax, a pager, you can have all these notification methods as many as you want. If we can’t reach you we can’t warn you.”

Once an alert is sent out you will have 1 minute to respond to the message before the system will send another alert to the next device you listed when you signed up. This will repeat every 5 minutes until you respond back indicating you saw the message.

“If there is something dangerous and life threatening that could affect you, kill you, you probably would want to know about it.”

There are currently 3,700 people signed up for Public Warning Messages. But if you are not signed up for the service or if you are visiting the area there will still be a way to be alerted.

“We also have the wireless emergency alerts which is great to be able to notify every cellphone is an affected area. Especially tourists who might be here because we have lots of those during, say the month of June, when things like to happen. Like big floods, large hail, could even have a tornado cause we did in 1967.” Said Alexa White.

A link to sign up can be found here.

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