Public universities prioritize academic affordability with First Day Access

PIERRE, S.D. — The South Dakota Board of Regents announced Monday that they have implemented First Day Access for public university students.

First Day Access will enhance university affordability and include discounted prices for course materials and the guarantee of accurate content for the start of class. First Day Access will also allow students to access digital course materials instead of having them purchase a textbook or external digital item.

“This was a massive effort led by our campus faculty,” said South Dakota BOR Executive Director Dr. Brian Maher. “The students are always our number one priority, and actions like this demonstrate our universities’ emphasis on affordability.”

With First Day Access, students can save up to 30% on external digital materials and up to 60% on traditional print textbooks.

“Our campuses stepped up to the challenge, revising their coursework and providing savings for students,” said BOR System Vice President for Academic Policy and Planning Dr. Janice Minder. “The effort that had to happen at the university-level to provide these materials for students needs to be recognized.”

The effort is based on a larger mission emanating from the BOR’s strategic plan to prioritize university affordability.

Earlier in 2022, the South Dakota Legislature provided significant financial support to allow for a tuition freeze for the upcoming school year, and the BOR identified a tuition freeze for the 2023-2024 academic year as their top legislative priority. With little to no increases in tuition and affordable academic materials, BOR is working hard to set students up to succeed and grow in South Dakota.

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