PSCO advises warrant scam calls on the rise again

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind citizens to watch out for spam phone calls claiming to collect on warrants. The Sheriff’s Office has, again, been receiving reports about phone calls demanding money.

The caller claims they have an outstanding warrant or fine for missing jury duty. The caller then tells the person on the phone that payment is due immediately – and then offers pre-paid gift cards as a payment method.

The Sheriff’s Office says that should be your first warning sign – since they don’t accept gift cards as payment – and don’t generally collect payments over the phone.

Some scammers have even been posing as law enforcement officers..

“I actually had one that came across my desk today where they claimed they were from the Rapid City Police Department. So they do their research and they look for names – and they know our names cause it’s public, I mean everybody’s going to see that. But like I said, we’re not going to call and we’re not going to demand money on the spot,” said Amanda Swanson, Criminal Investigator for the PCSO.

Swanson says if you do believe you have an outstanding warrant to check with the Sheriff’s Office in-person or by visiting the PCSO website here.

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