Protests in Rapid City creating budget crisis with increased law enforcement expenses

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With protests continuing almost daily in Rapid City over the death of George Floyd, law enforcement agencies are running on a full staff.

With officers working overtime, Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender estimates it’s costing the city around $20,000 a day. The mayor wants the community to keep in mind that the demonstrations will affect city finances and recovering from recent events could affect the future of some city programs.

“But in the worst case scenarios it could result in the shutdown of addition city programs, prolonged shutdown of recreation for example,” said Allender. “It could result in less road projects or other things that general funds are spent on, so we don’t want that to happen, but we’ve cut ourselves to the bone on the budget.”

As of now, local law enforcement agencies are fully staffed with officers working a minimum of 12-hours daily.

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