Protesters block Highway 16 ahead of Rushmore fireworks

KEYSTONE ,S.D. — Native American demonstrators locked traffic on Highway 16 on the way into Keystone where a protest ended with several arrests.

A protest that started peaceful, but within an hour turned hostile.

A few dozen Native Americans and supporters held a barrier across South Highway 16 in South Dakota.

The same roadway ticket holders for the Independence Day fireworks attempted to use to get to Mount Rushmore.

A few moments of confrontation culminated into pepper spray and tear gas being sprayed into the crowd.

Another effort to dissolve the crowd, police gave people an option to take their vehicles, or be arrested and having their vehicles towed.

The less than 10 members who stayed were arrested.

Multiple law enforcement agencies and the National Guard responded.

From three in the afternoon to nearly eight in the evening, protesters stood grounded in the center of the highway.

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