Protest at Trump Shop ends peacefully

RAPID CITY, S.D. — While most locals made use of their voice through voting, others were more vocal.

A group of young voters gathered at the Trump Shop in Rapid City in opposition to the re-election of President Donald Trump. While the gathering began peacefully, those feelings did not last long. A large group of Trump supporters made their way to the shop to protest the gathering, despite only around half of them even being of voting age.

Although the groups clashed at times, both agreed freedom of speech was vital and people’s voices should be heard.

“We’re trying to stand here and be silent protesting, and all that, and be respectful so they can also have their voice,” said Trump supporter, Joshua O’Neal. “Everybody gets a voice, it’s a freedom of speech.”

First time voter Sarah Curtis also agreed everyone’s right to free speech should be protected, and said she actually didn’t support Biden or Trump.

“I think our community just needs to come to terms with who their president is going to be. But I think we should all just be on the same side of human rights. And human rights, nobody should have those stripped. Everybody’s voice matters.”

The demonstration was a continuation of a protest held at the courthouse during the day. Law enforcement was on-site to keep tensions down between protesters.


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