Protecting yourself from the inside out

As skies turn sunnier, you might be checking your stash of sunscreen. But you may also want to see what's in your kitchen, as some foods can help keep your skin stay healthy.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — We all know that sunscreen, protective clothing, sunglasses and hats can protect your skin from the sun, but what about your diet?

There are foods high in nutrients that can aid in protecting our skin from the sun.

Antioxidants protect against free radical damage to cells that’s generated from the sun’s UV rays – leaving you with an increased risk for cancer and inflammation. That’s where the adage of ‘food as medicine’ comes into play.

Dr. Linda Fromm, Dermatologist at Fromm Dermatology, says, “So antioxidants are huge, I talk to people all day long about increasing nutrient dense antioxidant rich foods, plants, dark berries, green tea — things like that. Cruciferous veggies a cup of those every day — those are the natural antioxidants that have a plethora of good side effects.”

Healthy Foods

In other words, eat the rainbow.

“They are bright colored, beautiful pigmented foods — dark colored leafy greens, bright colored peppers, tomatoes — your dark colored berries,” says Fromm.

Other important foods to add to your diet are those rich in omegas 3s like fish, nuts, or flax seeds.

There are added benefits from the food you eat — but a dietary supplement called Heliocare may help against sun damage as well.

Dr. From says, “It fights off the oxidative damage from the UV radiation so in contrast to your sunscreen — the physical blockers, at least — and the clothing that actually prevent the damage from getting to your skin in the first place — something like Heliocare can help cover you give you a little bit better protection to find of the damage to protect the skin.”

Dr. Fromm emphasizes that for maximum protection from the sun, there is no replacement for good ole sunscreen and protective clothing.

A good opportunity to shop for those fresh foods would be at the Black Hills Farmers Market held Saturdays at 145 E. Omaha St.

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