Protect yourself from scams

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Last week, Rapid City officials reported that city utility customers had received scam calls.

Callers who claimed to represent the city were asking customers for payment over the phone, bank routing information and the biggest red flag of all, their social security numbers.

“We do not call customers seeking payment on accounts,” said Water Superintendent Jeff Crockett.  “Customers are advised of past-due and delinquent accounts through written correspondence and payments can be made online, in person or with our overnight payment depository at city hall.  Customers are always encouraged to call us if they have questions but we will not initiate calls seeking payments and would not be asking for personal information.”

Should you get a call and it seems a little fishy — hang up.  Call the business using the phone number on your bill and ask if there’s an issue with your bill or account.

“Just an ounce of prevention situation. Simply hang up the call, but notify us. We appreciate the notification so we can get the word out to the community,” said Rapid City Communication Coordinator Darrell Shoemaker, 

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