Proponents applaud voter passage of Medicaid expansion

RAPID CITY, S.D. — More than half of South Dakotan voter said “yes” to Medicaid expansion for adults 18-to-65.

To qualify, you must have an income that is 138% of the federal poverty level.

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County-by-county voting results for Amendment D in South Dakota

S.D. Decides Campaign Manager Zach Marcus says Medicaid expansion will be good for the state economy, and for the health of South Dakota in general. The next step, he says, is carrying out the application of Amendment D.

“Implementation is to come, but the Governor has said on multiple occasions that she is look forward to doing that if the voters passed it – which they did,” Marcus said. “There will obviously be issues to work out.”

Marcus says they’re not anticipating any roadblocks, and added that everyone is looking to work together in good faith to make expansion happen.

It goes into effect on July 1 of next year.

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