Prime Day could lead to an increase in package thefts

RAPID CITY, S.D. — It’s Amazon Prime Day across the globe and millions of people are shopping online, which means a lot of shipping.

But when a package is delivered when you’re not home, porch pirates are ready to pounce and steal your order without you even knowing it.

This happens a lot during the holiday season. Every year law enforcement urges us to have packages sent to our workplace or somewhere the package won’t be left unattended.

Amanda Swanson, Investigator for the Pennington County Sheriff Office said, “Occasionally if you know a package is coming, checking when it’s gonna be delivered, always look outside. Make it known that your home, if you are not gonna be home having neighbors come over and grab your packages. Especially have it delivered to a more secure place, like Amazon Hub location here in Rapid City.”

Swanson also recommends getting a home security to monitor your home, maybe a doorbell cam and help catch porch pirates in the act.

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