Prevent injuries this fall sports season

RAPID CITY, S.D. -Fall sports are in full swing for students, which means tackling, head butting, and the occasional pulled muscle.

School sports are overall good for students but it’s important to go into the season prepared.

“When you’re younger and you’re still growing a lot of your injuries, unless they’re just trauma-based, are going to be overuse injuries or the growth plate. So that’s where rest and proper recovery is super important,” said Dr. Brian Shelmadine, with Regional Health Orthopedics.

Central High School has personal trainers that work with athletes and specialize in injury prevention.

 “We’re making sure their technique is always almost perfect. We always make sure to go technique before weight. We don’t want these kids trying to life 4,000 lbs. without knowing the proper techniques,” said Kameron Milne, head trainer at Central High School.

For each child and sport, the level of training will be different, but science shows that injury prevention is a year-round commitment.

“The older we get from middle school through high school, all of that training kind of adds up so when we talk about sports, prevention as far as injury a lot of it is done more in the offseason,” said Dr. Shelmadine.

As for head injury, it’s case-by-case. In football, helmets help prevent skull fracture, but not necessarily concussions. Local football teams follow a concussion protocol.

“So, if there are any signs of a possible concussion they have to be pulled out of the game and evaluated by one of the athletic trainers,” said Milne.

For athletes looking for personal trainers, it’s always important to do your research. See if the trainer is certified by a credible company and is properly educated on injury prevention.

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