Potentially Dangerous Thunderstorms Possible Sunday: Flash Flood Watch in Effect

Meteorologists are keeping a keen eye on Sunday afternoon and evening, as thunderstorms are expected to be organized, and intense at times

We are keeping a particular eye on Sunday’s severe weather potential for several reasons, but here is a brief overview

  • Some areas received over 3″ of rainfall yesterday, and we’re expecting the potential for torrential rainfall once again today. Flash Flooding is a distinct concern
  • A properly organized cold front and trough is expected to move through the region this afternoon and evening, igniting whatever fuel and moisture is left in the atmosphere
  • Large hail, damaging winds and prolific lightning will all be part of this line of thunderstorms sometime after 3 pm this afternoon
  • Isolated Tornadoes are also a possibility for this afternoon, so its a good idea to make sure if a tornado WATCH is issued that you are taking steps to place yourself by a sturdy structure or place of shelter. Connect with family and friends and form a plan of action. This way, if a tornado WARNING is issued, you are ready to take action and are only moments away from a place of shelter. Mobile homes are NOT an acceptable form of shelter and can be particularly dangerous in these kinds of situations.

  • Given the large amounts of rainfall the area has already received, a Flash Flood Watch has been issued until late this evening for large sections of the Black Hills and areas North of the Hills
  • The ground is saturated, there is nowhere for the water to go expect into rivers, streams and culverts.
  • Any heavy rain event will quickly flood low lying areas and places susceptible to frequent flooding.
  • Make sure you do NOT drive over flooded roadways, as there is no way to tell what the integrity of the road surface is even under minimal amounts of flooding. The entire road surface could be washed out right under the pavement

  • The best hope is that this forecast does not verify, and forecast models are over-doing thunderstorm activity for later this evening
  • As of right now however, there is plenty of strong dynamics and fuel in the atmosphere, and we need to prepare for a potentially dangerous line of thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening
  • These will be organized, widespread and will quickly move into the region. Wind gusts up to 70 + mph could move ahead of this line of storms, followed by large hail and torrential rainfall
  • The NC1 Weather Team will be monitoring conditions throughout today and will update you with any pertinent information throughout today.

Be safe out there folks, today has the potential to be a big weather day. Have a way to receive warnings and have a plan in case of severe weather. This is the best way to prepare! Staying at a campground? Ask the manager what your options are for safe shelter! Planning on being on the road? Whenever you stop for a break check out the NC1 Weather app radar and see if you are approaching areas of thunderstorms or if any watches or warnings have been posted. No reason to have anxiety about bad weather as long as we are taking steps before storms get here. We will be sure to keep you updated throughout the day today, thanks for tuning in with us. -Megan & Brant

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