Post Office lines on tax day

It was a busy day at the Rapid City Post Office because of tax day.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Today is the day — taxes are due. If you’re just remembering now, you might be a little to make it to the mailbox.

The Post Office in Rapid City was packed today with people trying to beat the deadline.

Though over the past decade, fewer people are filing at the post office in lieu of filing online.

Lyle Lacroix, Rapid City Postmaster, says, “Online has definitely affected the post office, as far as the volumes go. The difference with that is the decease in letters and flats and stuff like that. Our parcels values are increasing, so that is where the change is going — and that’s everywhere.” 

Though many have switched over to filing their taxes electronically, many in Rapid City still waited in line.

Some we talked to said that patience is a virtue, John Haag, who waited at the Post Office, said “You have to run to the next location but then you have to stand there and wait. The militarily trained you for a lot of things in civilian life — lines are one of them.”

Nationally, the United States Postal Office has seen a roughly one million dollar decrease in walk-in revenue on tax day over the past five years.

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