Porch pirates preparing to strike as Cyber Monday orders are sent off

RAPID CITY, S.D. – With so many Cyber Monday orders preparing to go out for delivery, porch pirates are not too far behind.

According to C+R Research out of Chicago, over one-third of Americans had packages stolen from outside their home at least once during 2019. As Americans finalize online orders this Cyber Monday, law enforcement is warning us to take as many steps as possible to ensure safe delivery and the Black Hills area is not immune to these activities.

For those in less-populated areas, officials advise to also keep a close watch of your mailbox. Any untraceable deliveries such as envelopes with cash, checks or gift cards in them are an easy target in less-populated areas.

“Locally we do see these types of incidents out in the county and away from the city, not that it can’t happen in the city or that it doesn’t happen in the city,” Pennington County Sheriff Patrol Lt. Chris Hislip said. “It’s just that they are more spread out and there’s a lot less natural surveillance and people who are noticing these things.”

Lt. Hislip also stresses the importance of just being alert about your deliveries as well as utilizing things like doorbell cameras or other external delivery locations where you can pick up packages later.

“They can do that by having it delivered to a family member they know is going to be home or to have it P.O. boxed. Or leave those special instructions like with FedEx and UPS where you can leave the package in another area, say, around the back porch or something like that where it’s not quite as visible.”

Residents are also advised to check their mail daily. Anyone looking to report any stolen goods should contact their local police department or postal inspector.

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