Polls open for early voting

PENNINGTON COUNTY, S.D. — Election season is officially underway, as early voting started on Friday.

Dozens of people were lined up and ready to cast their vote at the Pennington County Auditor’s Office.

There are several booths set up for people to cast their votes early. Voters can start by getting in line and going up to the Auditor’s counter to receive their ballot.

A reminder, people can choose to vote by mail or drop off their ballot in-person, if they’ve had the ballot mailed to them.

Pennington County is accepting absentee ballot requests up until the Monday before the election.

“If we receive those in the mail on Monday and they’re local, we will turn those around and get them back out in the mail on Monday. If they’re lucky enough to receive it on Tuesday, they will have to bring it down to our office or put it in the drop box,” says auditor, Cindy Mohler.

All of those ballots must be in on that Tuesday by 7 p.m. in order for it to count.

The final day to register to vote is October 19, 2020.

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